How this was "BORN" ...  I was sitting behind a car at a stoplight and thought how nice it would be if

people placed inspirational quotes on the back of their vehicles to encourage others. This has crossed

my mind many times over the years. Mulled it over a few days and asked God to breathe life into

this idea so I came up with this idea (rather HE did). 

Sizes & colors will depend on what you want! I can make them to take up a small, medium or large space. Rearrange them to fit whatever space you need. Cost varies from $15 to $25.  Sizing begins at 6" wide.

Most till be in the $15-$20 range.  I've gathered a few thought provoking and/or encouraging

ideas here, but I can do whatever you want really.


Again, these are just "ideas" that I can create from so let me know what (call, text, email)

you want and we will work from there.