Trying to get elected to a political position isn't for the weary. It takes an incredible amount of desire, passion and effort. I see political signs and think of so many ways to make it better! I lean towards current and relevant in my design work for all things, but especially in today's political arena. I think, "What makes someone stand out?". Well it surely isn't doing what everybody else does from 10 years ago! I specialize in clean, bold, strong, and relevant marketing materials, including web design. This is the "bullet" list that I start with:

Color Scheme: What appeals to the client and what will get one noticed. Every material produced will have the same color scheme.

Message: (tag line) you want people to remember you by, along with what you will always stand behind.

Logo: The name most always is the "LOGO", but it is in the way in which the name is designed or what is designed around it and again, bold, clean, strong is what it needs to be!

Website:  All candidate should have a website, because it solidifies ones commitment for the office they are running for) It is about $350 for a site, you pay for the web address ($25) and the hosting site ($25) a month for just as long as one needs it so one isn't committed to a contract. Also, if the site if more involved price may go up, but I try to keep it at that price. 

Business Cards to pass out to the community


Yard Signs

Post Cards/Mailers

Door Hangers

Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Union Printer: I use a Union Printer to ensure our Unions are given work!