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Hockey, Karate, Volleyball, Dance, Football, Skateboarding, LaCrosse, Basketball AND Dog, Cat. etc.

1ft ($15) - 2ft ($20) - 3ft ($30) - 4ft ($40) - $5ft ($50)



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FIRST PIECE:  Prepare your design by rubbing over the top of it with a credit card. Flip it over and also rub on the other side of your design.  You are trying to make sure the design sticks to the clear mask tape. Turn the design back over.


Slowly peel the clear mask tape off of the top of the design. The design will stick to this clear mask tape and if it doesn’t, lay it back down and rub over it a little more.  Once you peel the design off of the backing paper, you now have something similar to a “sticker”. Place it on the surface and once you place it on the surface you cannot reposition it so GO SLOW. When the design is placed on the surface rub over the clear tape with pressure. This sticks it to the surface.  Then SLOWLY peel off the clear tape. If the design is not sticking to the surface, rub over it a little more.



Repeat steps above, but lay over TIGER between Joliet West and Volleyball, center to middle of the W.


Silhouette Price:  $15 a foot - most colors available

Decal Price:  $15 each

(recreate/design set up $10)

1-100     ($6.00 each)

101-200 ($5.50 each)

201-300 ($5.00 each)

301-400 ($4.50 each)

401-500 ($4.00 each)